Universal Trucks Israel Ltd. (UTI) was established in Israel in 1994 and has been leading the light truck market in Israel for nearly 30 years.
.The company distributes and markets ISUZU trucks and buses, the SUNWIN electric interurban bus.
Today, over 13,000 of the company's trucks and buses, some of which are twenty years old, continue to provide a living for their owners.
The company offers a variety of complementary services to its customers such as operational leasing, truck and commercial vehicle rental for a short or long periods, fleet management and buying second-hand trucks.
In the last decade, UTI has been at the forefront of technology and has invested many resources in the development of innovative digital solutions: advanced e-commerce sites where customers can rent work vehicles online and purchase trucks with a click, a personal area for active customers, as well as the development of dedicated applications and a variety of advanced and diverse tools.


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